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Since 1981 we have been a sales rep for various stainless products. What this means to you is that we are your salesperson for a specific territory, product, or customer group. Rather than having to pay us a salary, we work on a commission basis. In some cases, where the manufacturer is not known to the marketplace we will ask for an advance on our commission to help us promote the new product. We also do not sell any competing products to yours, we only work for you with your product lines. This means that we are exclusive to you and we ask that you be exclusive to us, hiring us to develop the market in the US for you.

The market that we serve is the US distributors of metals.

As part of our service we can help you with the importing of the products. For example US freight rates, unloading, tariffs, duties and working as the importer of record if necessary.

Working together with you we developed the package to quote to the customer. Once we have an order, we expect you to set up the credit with the customer. We can provide this service as well by developing a credit line with your company in assigning the payment from the customer directly to your account, depending if you have a US federal tax ID or not.


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